Silver is one of the most used jewelry metals. Its intricate designs and versatility make it a lovely jewel. If you are thinking of testing silver jewel, there are few things to know about. Silver jewelry is valuable and precious. Silver is soft and malleable metal. Thus it is very weak to be used as a jewel. This is why it is made of alloys with other metals. Sterling silver is one of the most valuable silver jewelry. It is made of 92.5% of silver and 7.5% of other metals. In most cases, the alloy is made using copper. Copper is liked because it makes the alloy very strong and durable. 

Most of the silver made jewelry at this link is affordable. However, if you want quality prices, you need to check that it is sterling silver. It has symbols of origin such as SS 925 or star.  This is important since you don't want to buy a piece that will not last you long.

Sterling silver is shiny in color and has a high resistant to scratch. It is, however, desirable that you learn to take care of the silver jewelry. It is prone to tarnish especially when exposed to air. Tarnish is a dull layer that forms son the surface of the jewel when it reacts with sulfides in the air. This layer can be removed through cleaning. Cleaning silver should be done using approved polish and approved clothes. The clothes have a polish that removes the stain without affecting the appeal of silver.  In the case that you are not sure of the best polish, you can clarify the same from the seller.  The safest way to keep silver is to have it on your body. If you remove it to keep it in a polish cloth, view website here! 

There are various types of jewel that can be made using silver. Some of these include the rings, pendants bangles, earring, nose pieces and son on.  You can have both custom made and pre-defined jewels. The pre-defined rings are made with industry standards to ensure that they have the best designs. The custom made designs are made to the specification of the buyer. This can involve engraving designs and imprints. This is made for people want to add messages to make it personal.  For more facts and information regarding jewelry, you can go to http://www.ehow.com/how_2044744_clean-costume-jewelry.html. 


There are things that can help you make a better decision when selecting the silver jewelry.